Our Practice Areas

Business Services

Because of the nature of our core clientele, it is often necessary to establish new businesses and provide for their governance. As one would imagine with any law firm representing businesses, contract negotiation and drafting is a major part of our work. Contract negotiation and drafting takes many forms from the simplest single payment note to complex documents regarding the purchase and sale of ongoing businesses and corporate reorganizations.

In an era when business, even small businesses, is constantly changing, one of the areas becoming increasingly more important is that of employment law. We strive to provide basic advice in employment matters, but refer complex matters to specialists with whom we have an established working relationship. The law firm also offers general tax advice for business owners.


In the litigation area, our firm provides a broad range of litigation services including contract litigation, personal injury litigation for plaintiffs and defendants, insurance defense litigation, property tax litigation, and litigation for and against governmental entities.  Additionally, the law firm acts as local counsel to national and international clients litigating in local courts.

Health Care  Law

For many years, our firm has represented a Georgia hospital authority which owns and is responsible for the operation of three hospitals.   We handle various legal needs of this hospital authority and the three hospitals it owns.   These legal needs include contacts, litigation, financing, and general legal advice.

Estate Planning

Estate planning and wealth transfer for substantial individual clients and officers and directors of our corporate clients is a necessary part of our practice. Consequently, probate practice and will and trust drafting continues to be an area of expertise.

Real Estate

In the real estate field, our law practice is primarily concentrated in assisting our corporate clients in the acquisition and development of commercial properties. We are also called upon to draft leases and other documents related to financing and managing of office buildings and shopping centers. We are approved title attorneys for most commercial and residential lenders in our metropolitan area. We also handle residential real estate transfers and financing for selected clients and lenders, but do not make this a focus of our practice.